Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ask Gays

I never really understood how someone can be gay. Can they be born gay or did they make the decision to go gay. How can someone be born gay, it's like saying someone was born being a criminal or a thief. No one was born anything, things developed. How can someone be attracted to the same sex, be satisfied by the same sex. As a child, we were always like "boys have cooties eww, or yuck girls are stupid" as a gay did you not grow out of that phase. A gay person can't even have a child, you need the opposite sex, to multiply. Are gays quitters? How are you born gay but they make the decision to go gay. Is it a decision or not a decision, what made you come to this decision. It's kinda confusing, because one usually plays the man roles or the woman roles, if a gay claims to not like the opposite sex, then why does a gay masculine male date a feminine gay male, or a lesbian stud with a girly lesbian. I think gays are rebellious people, they just want to do things their way. Equality, we're all for equality. Woman equal to man, and now gays equal to straights. Why not give it to them, that's what they want. This is a free country, a free world to do whatever you please. You may see something wrong being gay, but they don't.

Whether someone choose to be gay, I can't judge them I just respect them. Although it's confusing, we really don't know whether gays are right or not. The trend of being gay, can all just be a test from God. Gays are also people, humans after all, don't worry about their faults, worry about yours. Don't stick up your nose at a gay person, treat them how you would want to be treated. From the very beginning of time, the first human was a male, his company was mother nature but that didn't comfort him. God saw fit to give him a female companion not male company, that's why it's said for a man to leave his house and search for a wife and multiple. God didn't make a male out of a male, but a woman out or male. The first humans wasn't Adam and Steve but Adam and Eve. If God doesn't stop you from doing what he feels is wrong, then why as humans try to stop something we feel is wrong. God gave us a mind, he doesn't stop us from using it. Everyone feels as if their ways are right, so many directions, so how would we know which way is God's way?

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