Sunday, December 4, 2011

Follow your heart

Nothing can replace following your heart,
people may tell u whats right or what they expect.
It's your life, tear down expectations and kick start yours,
all due respect but its time to reinspect. 
That yearning, your hearts calling! 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Concrete Angel

In life, everyone has a story.... What is yours? Who are you blaming for your life, the unexpected turn of events. Why? Are you screaming for attention, can anybody hear you?
       What would happen if everyone cared. If Eve and Adam left that apple alone, and ignored temptations?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ask Gays

I never really understood how someone can be gay. Can they be born gay or did they make the decision to go gay. How can someone be born gay, it's like saying someone was born being a criminal or a thief. No one was born anything, things developed. How can someone be attracted to the same sex, be satisfied by the same sex. As a child, we were always like "boys have cooties eww, or yuck girls are stupid" as a gay did you not grow out of that phase. A gay person can't even have a child, you need the opposite sex, to multiply. Are gays quitters? How are you born gay but they make the decision to go gay. Is it a decision or not a decision, what made you come to this decision. It's kinda confusing, because one usually plays the man roles or the woman roles, if a gay claims to not like the opposite sex, then why does a gay masculine male date a feminine gay male, or a lesbian stud with a girly lesbian. I think gays are rebellious people, they just want to do things their way. Equality, we're all for equality. Woman equal to man, and now gays equal to straights. Why not give it to them, that's what they want. This is a free country, a free world to do whatever you please. You may see something wrong being gay, but they don't.

Whether someone choose to be gay, I can't judge them I just respect them. Although it's confusing, we really don't know whether gays are right or not. The trend of being gay, can all just be a test from God. Gays are also people, humans after all, don't worry about their faults, worry about yours. Don't stick up your nose at a gay person, treat them how you would want to be treated. From the very beginning of time, the first human was a male, his company was mother nature but that didn't comfort him. God saw fit to give him a female companion not male company, that's why it's said for a man to leave his house and search for a wife and multiple. God didn't make a male out of a male, but a woman out or male. The first humans wasn't Adam and Steve but Adam and Eve. If God doesn't stop you from doing what he feels is wrong, then why as humans try to stop something we feel is wrong. God gave us a mind, he doesn't stop us from using it. Everyone feels as if their ways are right, so many directions, so how would we know which way is God's way?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"Take me as I am"

When you keep things boil inside, you run the risk of getting sick. let it out, talk it through. Don't want cancer, hate getting sick, do you suffer from embarrassing breakouts? Well I found a sure preventive cure, well somewhat of a cure. I had acne,I gotten sick, and if I kept disliking myself, I probably would have gotten cancer. It's been proven that stress has a negative effect on the body, weakening it and contributing to illness. Trying to better myself, I found Louise Hay. She is a well known publisher, speaker and author on healing and the mind-body connection. "Through working with clients, she began to notice consistent correlations between the physical ailments that clients had, and the types of negative emotions they carried. For example, she found that people with cancer always had some sort of longstanding hurt or resentment from the past that needed to be release. Even minor ailments like the common cold, she associated with a perception of being overwhelmed in life - 'too much going on at once'.

"My life is all wrong, why God, are you letting this happen to me?" Hating yourself, because your not like everyone else, sacrificing yourself and putting yourself last, hiding who you really are, neglecting your self-nurture; not taking time to give back to yourself,  feeling you would never measure up, and criticizing yourself. Words are powerful, and constantly downing yourself, your weakening your body state. What we think of our self generally becomes the truth for us, this world is your world, always neglecting yourself and expect for your body to hold up. The body is like a child, give it the love, affection, and attention, that's the strength your body needs. Pick yourself up; soar, no one should be able to tell you otherwise, the only one that can, is the One above. Your the center of the universe, as you can see, there's only one you. As a child, you were beautiful, with not a care in the world. As you got older, the problems mounted up, you seen the rest of humankind. That forbidden tree of knowledge, God knew, he foreseen what could have happen. Like a loving father, the protection is great. The knowledge we have, is also the knowledge of God. Your taking the world's stress as your own. If you didn't have the knowledge that you have now, would you be stressing like you are now?

Monday, October 17, 2011

The mystery of life

Life's complicated. I don't fit in. Why is it the ones closes to you, hurts you the most? Who Am I? Who is God, how do I know if he's loves me, and how do I get in touch? Why are some people so focused on themselves, so evil? Why is the world like this? Why are there so many denominations? What is love, and how do I know if I'm in love? Why, why, why, so many questions, so little answers. How do I answer them, find a quiet place, and listen to my heart and mind, analyze my thoughts and feelings. Life's is one of the biggest mystery of all, but it's not that complicated. I have all the answers, I just have to dig a little deeper. When the first humans took their first bite of the tree of knowledge, we became knowledgeable. We know a little to much, want to know why you don't fit in, dig a little deeper, know God, search a little harder, whether or not your in love, analyze yourself a little better.

Intelligence is both a curse and a blessing, you have a mind to think for yourself, but on the contrary there are somethings, that's better left unspoken and unknown. Without knowledge, we wouldn't worry about money, we'll be wondering around with childlike wonder. Unanswered questions, you have the answers, that small gut feeling, that's probably it. Ask a close friend, " what shall I do?" but know deep down, what your going to do. You may not know what two plus two is, but you know life's answers. 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

"It's okay to be YOUnique"

What does it mean to be an American, European, Chinese, or Indian? A Catholic, Baptist, Muslim or Methodist? A Caucasian, African, Hispanic or Latin? There's so many grouping in the world. So many ways to belong. One God, thousands of people, and many different groups.
We all want to feel, as if we're part of a group. Different denominations, races, and groupings we belong to now. Why do we need to feel as part of a group? To feel a sense of belonging? Humankind isn't the only beings on earth to feel that security, that being part of a group, makes us feel. Animals, and insect also needs that type of identity. With groupings, there's always that odd one left out, but where he's left out, he belongs to another. Why are there so many denominations, when there is only one God? Church is church, and God is God. We can all agree that there is that one higher being, the one you can call to when you can't explain the what if and why's in the world. Whether one believes in God or not, science and religion goes hand in hand. The foundation of one religion began with the help of another religion, giving each religion valid points. Being part of a group, keeps you strong in your ways, rises one up, that's the point of being part of a group. We all look for someone who looks like us, worship like us, and have the same interest as us. Sounds like we're trying to find ourselves.

Just because you belong to one denomination, doesn't mean you can't go to another. You may be Catholic, but try out the Mosque. A Jew, what's wrong with Methodist. You may claim one thing, but that doesn't define you, belonging to a group doesn't guaranteed you'll fit in. The creator created you as you are, not two peas in a pod, no matter what denominations, or race you'll always be different. No matter what everyone's categorized you into, your far above the rest. When someone ask you what are you, tell them "I'm me, an alien." :-)

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