Sunday, December 4, 2011

Follow your heart

Nothing can replace following your heart,
people may tell u whats right or what they expect.
It's your life, tear down expectations and kick start yours,
all due respect but its time to reinspect. 
That yearning, your hearts calling! 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Concrete Angel

In life, everyone has a story.... What is yours? Who are you blaming for your life, the unexpected turn of events. Why? Are you screaming for attention, can anybody hear you?
       What would happen if everyone cared. If Eve and Adam left that apple alone, and ignored temptations?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ask Gays

I never really understood how someone can be gay. Can they be born gay or did they make the decision to go gay. How can someone be born gay, it's like saying someone was born being a criminal or a thief. No one was born anything, things developed. How can someone be attracted to the same sex, be satisfied by the same sex. As a child, we were always like "boys have cooties eww, or yuck girls are stupid" as a gay did you not grow out of that phase. A gay person can't even have a child, you need the opposite sex, to multiply. Are gays quitters? How are you born gay but they make the decision to go gay. Is it a decision or not a decision, what made you come to this decision. It's kinda confusing, because one usually plays the man roles or the woman roles, if a gay claims to not like the opposite sex, then why does a gay masculine male date a feminine gay male, or a lesbian stud with a girly lesbian. I think gays are rebellious people, they just want to do things their way. Equality, we're all for equality. Woman equal to man, and now gays equal to straights. Why not give it to them, that's what they want. This is a free country, a free world to do whatever you please. You may see something wrong being gay, but they don't.

Whether someone choose to be gay, I can't judge them I just respect them. Although it's confusing, we really don't know whether gays are right or not. The trend of being gay, can all just be a test from God. Gays are also people, humans after all, don't worry about their faults, worry about yours. Don't stick up your nose at a gay person, treat them how you would want to be treated. From the very beginning of time, the first human was a male, his company was mother nature but that didn't comfort him. God saw fit to give him a female companion not male company, that's why it's said for a man to leave his house and search for a wife and multiple. God didn't make a male out of a male, but a woman out or male. The first humans wasn't Adam and Steve but Adam and Eve. If God doesn't stop you from doing what he feels is wrong, then why as humans try to stop something we feel is wrong. God gave us a mind, he doesn't stop us from using it. Everyone feels as if their ways are right, so many directions, so how would we know which way is God's way?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"Take me as I am"

When you keep things boil inside, you run the risk of getting sick. let it out, talk it through. Don't want cancer, hate getting sick, do you suffer from embarrassing breakouts? Well I found a sure preventive cure, well somewhat of a cure. I had acne,I gotten sick, and if I kept disliking myself, I probably would have gotten cancer. It's been proven that stress has a negative effect on the body, weakening it and contributing to illness. Trying to better myself, I found Louise Hay. She is a well known publisher, speaker and author on healing and the mind-body connection. "Through working with clients, she began to notice consistent correlations between the physical ailments that clients had, and the types of negative emotions they carried. For example, she found that people with cancer always had some sort of longstanding hurt or resentment from the past that needed to be release. Even minor ailments like the common cold, she associated with a perception of being overwhelmed in life - 'too much going on at once'.

"My life is all wrong, why God, are you letting this happen to me?" Hating yourself, because your not like everyone else, sacrificing yourself and putting yourself last, hiding who you really are, neglecting your self-nurture; not taking time to give back to yourself,  feeling you would never measure up, and criticizing yourself. Words are powerful, and constantly downing yourself, your weakening your body state. What we think of our self generally becomes the truth for us, this world is your world, always neglecting yourself and expect for your body to hold up. The body is like a child, give it the love, affection, and attention, that's the strength your body needs. Pick yourself up; soar, no one should be able to tell you otherwise, the only one that can, is the One above. Your the center of the universe, as you can see, there's only one you. As a child, you were beautiful, with not a care in the world. As you got older, the problems mounted up, you seen the rest of humankind. That forbidden tree of knowledge, God knew, he foreseen what could have happen. Like a loving father, the protection is great. The knowledge we have, is also the knowledge of God. Your taking the world's stress as your own. If you didn't have the knowledge that you have now, would you be stressing like you are now?

Monday, October 17, 2011

The mystery of life

Life's complicated. I don't fit in. Why is it the ones closes to you, hurts you the most? Who Am I? Who is God, how do I know if he's loves me, and how do I get in touch? Why are some people so focused on themselves, so evil? Why is the world like this? Why are there so many denominations? What is love, and how do I know if I'm in love? Why, why, why, so many questions, so little answers. How do I answer them, find a quiet place, and listen to my heart and mind, analyze my thoughts and feelings. Life's is one of the biggest mystery of all, but it's not that complicated. I have all the answers, I just have to dig a little deeper. When the first humans took their first bite of the tree of knowledge, we became knowledgeable. We know a little to much, want to know why you don't fit in, dig a little deeper, know God, search a little harder, whether or not your in love, analyze yourself a little better.

Intelligence is both a curse and a blessing, you have a mind to think for yourself, but on the contrary there are somethings, that's better left unspoken and unknown. Without knowledge, we wouldn't worry about money, we'll be wondering around with childlike wonder. Unanswered questions, you have the answers, that small gut feeling, that's probably it. Ask a close friend, " what shall I do?" but know deep down, what your going to do. You may not know what two plus two is, but you know life's answers. 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

"It's okay to be YOUnique"

What does it mean to be an American, European, Chinese, or Indian? A Catholic, Baptist, Muslim or Methodist? A Caucasian, African, Hispanic or Latin? There's so many grouping in the world. So many ways to belong. One God, thousands of people, and many different groups.
We all want to feel, as if we're part of a group. Different denominations, races, and groupings we belong to now. Why do we need to feel as part of a group? To feel a sense of belonging? Humankind isn't the only beings on earth to feel that security, that being part of a group, makes us feel. Animals, and insect also needs that type of identity. With groupings, there's always that odd one left out, but where he's left out, he belongs to another. Why are there so many denominations, when there is only one God? Church is church, and God is God. We can all agree that there is that one higher being, the one you can call to when you can't explain the what if and why's in the world. Whether one believes in God or not, science and religion goes hand in hand. The foundation of one religion began with the help of another religion, giving each religion valid points. Being part of a group, keeps you strong in your ways, rises one up, that's the point of being part of a group. We all look for someone who looks like us, worship like us, and have the same interest as us. Sounds like we're trying to find ourselves.

Just because you belong to one denomination, doesn't mean you can't go to another. You may be Catholic, but try out the Mosque. A Jew, what's wrong with Methodist. You may claim one thing, but that doesn't define you, belonging to a group doesn't guaranteed you'll fit in. The creator created you as you are, not two peas in a pod, no matter what denominations, or race you'll always be different. No matter what everyone's categorized you into, your far above the rest. When someone ask you what are you, tell them "I'm me, an alien." :-)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"A Rebel In your Thought ain't gon' make it halt"

Perhaps half of humanity is jailed among themselves. Listening to parents and grandparents about a certain race, judging a whole race based on the two or three you came across, stereotyping. Many people believe being Caucasian is the ideal race, that they have it the easiest. But do they really? Is racial prejudice really as bad as people make it out to be, or is it just a mental mind thing?

The typical blonde hair, blue eyed beauty, has half of humanity altering their appearance, to fit the standards already set. Five races, mix cultures, more than a thousand of people. How can one world have so many controversial issues? Blacks, Latinos, Caucasian, Chinese and Indians, more than half the world's population is mixed, so how can you particularly pick on a certain race? 
History teach us about slavery and discrimination. Whites and Blacks segregated, light skinned blacks and dark skinned blacks, separated. Chinese apparently didn't exist in America, they weren't welcome. Native Americans, darker than a Caucasian were tortured. Jews were murdered because they weren't the ideal race or so Hitler thought, and aren't Jews technically white in color. They say you learned history to learn from past mistakes, but have we really? Being the typical blonde hair, blue-eyed beauty technically isn't the ideal race, being affluent, and wealthy was. Being a lower white class, you were prejudice against also. How can something that's only one sixteenth of an inch deep cause so much hatred?

People put so much emphasis on prejudice, that it generally comes true for them.  People are stuck in their mind. "Your world is your world," and the world does revolves around you. When your being prejudiced against, it's because you felt as thought you were being prejudice against, therefore surrounding you with people that judges you.  

Monday, October 10, 2011

Who Do You Tell?

What is it about him, the one I got my eyes on,
My heart set sight on him, it didn't consult with my mind.
One look in his eye, and the award happens upon,
This love I have is still undefined.
Out of the many, he's the chosen few,
I ask myself, "is this true?"

When you love someone, who do you tell?
When you and him are a thousands mile apart.
If I could see him once, I'll give him a word of farewell,
"I can't believe I feel this way, I just want a fresh start.
I don't know whether stupidity or innocence that's falling for you
But I need for you to come through."


Saturday, October 8, 2011

How you like me now?

I'm not good enough, often referred to as weird,
I want to be like her, It's not fair.
She had everything, she commandeered,
The school, but I had something she didn't have, I'm rare.
Why would I want to be her and fit in,
When I can stand out, and be myself.

Working hard, I'm finally getting to my destination,
The people laughing then, lets see who's laughing now.
Being weird, I was only laying down the foundation,
Your act is over, time for you to take a bow,
It's my turn, stand back and watch me get a standing ovation!                


Money is everything, what!?

All you hear these days, is music isn't music anymore. Music now, is just about money, sex, and about being the prettiest girl wearing the latest fashion. Where has music gone? The media gives the people what they want, and it so happens that sex and being the "it" girl sells. Everyone is in for a profit, no matter if there in the music industry or working for McDonald. They see the rappers, and celebrities with everything they want, and quickly become envious or work hard to be where they're at, but you have the one thing they don't have. So why trade your life for theirs? Money is the primary goal for wanting to be in the spotlight but why would you want to be a celebrity unless you have the talent and the willingness to give up your privacy. As a celebrity, you'll be a role model, that's a huge burden. Every urban city male has dreams of being a rapper, for the money, power and respect, and girls. But let me ask you, when you get the money you so desire, what would you do with it, why do you want it? When you get the power and respect, what would you do with that? And when you finally get those girls, your attracting the wrong ones,How would you know if your relationships are real or not? Why do you even want the whole world to know who you are?

When picking a career, choose something that will greatly satisfy you. Don't worry about money, money isn't everything. Do something that will contribute to the world. Use your talent to help someone, make your voice heard. Be a voice to the voiceless. Before you choose to become a celebrity, think about it, are you ready to give up your privacy?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

" I think that all the silence is worse than all the violence
fear is such a weak emotion, that's why I despise it
we're scared of almost everything, afraid to even tell the truth
so scared of what you think of me, I'm scared of even telling you
sometimes I'm like the only person I feel safe to tell it to
I'm locked inside a cell in me, I know that there's a jail in you
consider this your bailing out, so take a breath, inhale a few
my screams are finally getting free, my thoughts are finally yelling through" Lupe Fiasco

What do you think?

ladies Vs. Men


In society, there are lines drawn between man and a woman. History tells us a woman's place was at home, taking care of the kids, household and husband. A woman wasn't expected to hold a career, handle money or hold property. Same rules still applies now in the 21st century. In the 21st century, a woman can do anything a man can do. But they're still consider the inferior sex, a woman has to work ten times harder than a man. To be taken seriously, a woman has to put their game face to work. Not only would a woman have a career but they would also have kids to raise, a household to uphold, and a husband to care for. Black, white or Hispanic, a woman has one thing in common and that's just being a woman. A woman can be easily called a slut because it's easy to get with a man,"dicks are like free samples at the mall." While a man has to put in work to get a certain woman. No matter the woman, a woman has a price. Whether expensive, moderate or cheap. A woman's competition is not only themselves but the next woman beside them.

A man has a reputation to uphold, to keep up that "macho man" demeanor. A man can be the most sensitive but hides it under a tough front. A woman doesn't want a sensitive man, they want a tough, bad guy. When single, a man runs around with many different woman. Telling a woman what they want to hear,  getting what they want and leaving, hurting the woman in the process, even if the woman knew their place. When taken, a man still does the same but with a steady girlfriend. History takes us back, to where men had different wives. A man doesn't have things that can tie them down. As a father, a man just have to be a father to his kids. A man wants to be satisfied physically but a man also want to be stimulated mentally, and spiritually. A man may be on the prowl to sex every girl but they're also looking for that one special girl, that is different than the rest. They ask for sex, they want a woman to say no, you can wait. They want a woman that doesn't believe them when they're putting in work to just have sex. They don't want a woman to eager, they don't want a woman to clingy or a woman that has her body out for everyone to see.

Man or woman, we're all humans and we all have feelings. Before you judge someone on what they did, know the who, what, and why about them. Walk a mile in their shoes, and put yourself in their positions. Regardless, on what sex, each is trying to impress the other.

Doorway to your Dream

                     What decision would you make?
 drop everything for the one you love or follow your heart to pursue your calling? Had a clear focus on what you want to do. You've dream't of this moment a thousands times, it's finally reachable, never thought of thinking twice. Now your standing in front of your love doubting. There's this passionate fuel burning within you, what shall I do? Weighing the options, both of these are once in a lifetime; it only comes once. Astrid Bjorklund knew she wanted to help, to use her medical training to serve God. She was also in love. A doorway to her dreams is open, she could go or she could stay. She chose to go, love may be once in a lifetime but if it were meant for her it would stay. Two people who are meant for each other, are like magnets, no matter where you go or how far, it would always snap back together.  

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

You may not know it now, but your better than the rest!
They seen something that you didn't see in yourself.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Making the world a better place

Make your voice heard. Better society. Elections time rolls around, get a feel for the candidate. Know their character, values and beliefs. The presidents of the United States may be in charge but they also have congress to enact and reinforce laws. The democratic government is 50/50, they share the power; the people, congress and president. As citizens of the  world, we need to contribute to the world.

With the emphasis on money, "money makes the world go round." The economy is down; the depression, the recession. Most people are chasing dollar signs, getting careers that pays rather than satisfies and rewards. Money shouldn't be a primary goal, let it come as a side effect. Money in general is an issue, with everyone stressing over it, how they're going to make it while doing something they truly enjoy. Some people gets money and wants more, losing clear focus, while others think they want money in order to buy the necessities. With money, material possessions falls into your hand. But money can't buy the important things in life; happiness, a real friendship, real love, a relationship with God, and family.

America, culturally diverse and in control. Apparently everyone doesn't think America is in need of help, are we to proud? Missionary's traveling to a third world country, there are unfortunate people who are in need of help right here in America. It may not be as bad as an underdeveloped nation  but an underdeveloped nation has one thing that America doesn't have; family and love. They have each other because that all they have. We don't know the circumstances of the Americans living in the poverty area, so we can't assume to much. But Americans living in poverty didn't try as much. America's has given opportunity to anyone willing to grab hold. Free schooling that they force students into, technology, medical care, etc. Some of the people living there are taking advantage of the government in the little ways the government is providing. There shouldn't be an excuse why Americans are living in poverty, an immigrant; okay. The American government is providing opportunities for success. Third world countries citizens  living the way they do, it's not a choice they made but rather their government. 

Monday, October 3, 2011

What I like about you

Beautiful girls with long flowing hair, perfect skin, and wearing the latest fashions. Most of the girls I've seen all look the same. In society, just being a girl is a problem. As little girls the quest to be beautiful has bombarded one from every corner. As teenagers the media will have a significant impact. Because of the overwhelming pressure, young girls, teenagers and adults; beauty has and always will become an all consuming priority.

One might think what does a pre-adolescence have to worry about; an image.Girls spend to much time on the outer beauty that they forget about the inner beauty. Outer beauty is like the wrapping of a present; beautifully made. However, inner beauty is  the lasting impression, the one that stays with someone even when your long gone. Parents, boyfriends and those close to you should be the ones who make a girl feel loved and wanted, to tell a girl she's beautiful even when she feels as if she's the ugliest. Their are parents who put to much pressure on their kids. Mothers who want their daughters to be skinnier, smarter or like a daughter of a colleague who during extremely well in school. The media has set the standards for girls all around. The models that grace the covers of Vogue and prance around in videos will have any ordinary girl telling themselves, "When I look at models in magazines and on TV, I don't feel like I measure up" Or "Why am I here on this earth?"

Each girl has something that they would change, whether it's their body, or just to be prettier. A girl with low self-esteem isn't that hard to find. Every girl at least once has needed a picker-upper on confidence. Some not gaining their confidence but faking it instead. When it comes to attracting the male population, trying to look like the next girl or better is a trend that's growing faster than the what's hot in a fashion magazine. Everyone judges one another except one. A girl with acne, a teen-aged boy wearing baggy jeans, or a group of black boys hanging on the corner of Fifth Street. What is one thoughts when they see a girl with acne without makeup, or a teen-aged boy wearing baggy jeans? Outer appearance should be worked on but not obsessed over. That is where makeup comes in; makeup should bring out your natural beauty, work on it and walk away. Girls are unique, and special in their own way. There's no two of the same, but one of a kind. Skin colors are different, hair type and texture, eyes and mouth, how you were made is how you're going to be. Instead of saying, "I wish I were her, how about I'm glad I'm me."

Secret Love

What shall I mean to thee, I'm just a friend,
with nothing to offer but my heart and soul.
My hearts runs in circles, It runs a dead-end,
me and  him combined completes each other as a whole.
Blindly giving money to a con thief,
I don't know what I'm getting into now.
Finding you was like finding a gold leaf,
Something about you, rare, star, take a bow.

Clear blue skies, sun shining bright. I wander,
is my only choice leaving you alone?
Whichever way we go, your way yonder,
my secret love, my love can't be outgrown.
The moon winked at me through the clouds above,
You are a star, near but yet so far, my love.


What I discovered about people who has or is being bullied, is that the person bullying you sees potential in you. Telling a authority figure won't lessen the bullying, it would probably just make it worse. "Everyone's talking about you, you wonder what they're saying and why? Why are they bullying me, what did I do?" Your wondering, and can't think up a valid reason. You tried everything and still can't fit in.  Everyone is different but those people can hide their differences and be "normal" while you cannot. Maybe your meant to stand out, you have something to offer the world. So to anyone who has or is being bullied you could do anything, work hard. When you finally make it to the top you can tell those haters, How you like me now.
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