Monday, October 17, 2011

The mystery of life

Life's complicated. I don't fit in. Why is it the ones closes to you, hurts you the most? Who Am I? Who is God, how do I know if he's loves me, and how do I get in touch? Why are some people so focused on themselves, so evil? Why is the world like this? Why are there so many denominations? What is love, and how do I know if I'm in love? Why, why, why, so many questions, so little answers. How do I answer them, find a quiet place, and listen to my heart and mind, analyze my thoughts and feelings. Life's is one of the biggest mystery of all, but it's not that complicated. I have all the answers, I just have to dig a little deeper. When the first humans took their first bite of the tree of knowledge, we became knowledgeable. We know a little to much, want to know why you don't fit in, dig a little deeper, know God, search a little harder, whether or not your in love, analyze yourself a little better.

Intelligence is both a curse and a blessing, you have a mind to think for yourself, but on the contrary there are somethings, that's better left unspoken and unknown. Without knowledge, we wouldn't worry about money, we'll be wondering around with childlike wonder. Unanswered questions, you have the answers, that small gut feeling, that's probably it. Ask a close friend, " what shall I do?" but know deep down, what your going to do. You may not know what two plus two is, but you know life's answers. 

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