Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Making the world a better place

Make your voice heard. Better society. Elections time rolls around, get a feel for the candidate. Know their character, values and beliefs. The presidents of the United States may be in charge but they also have congress to enact and reinforce laws. The democratic government is 50/50, they share the power; the people, congress and president. As citizens of the  world, we need to contribute to the world.

With the emphasis on money, "money makes the world go round." The economy is down; the depression, the recession. Most people are chasing dollar signs, getting careers that pays rather than satisfies and rewards. Money shouldn't be a primary goal, let it come as a side effect. Money in general is an issue, with everyone stressing over it, how they're going to make it while doing something they truly enjoy. Some people gets money and wants more, losing clear focus, while others think they want money in order to buy the necessities. With money, material possessions falls into your hand. But money can't buy the important things in life; happiness, a real friendship, real love, a relationship with God, and family.

America, culturally diverse and in control. Apparently everyone doesn't think America is in need of help, are we to proud? Missionary's traveling to a third world country, there are unfortunate people who are in need of help right here in America. It may not be as bad as an underdeveloped nation  but an underdeveloped nation has one thing that America doesn't have; family and love. They have each other because that all they have. We don't know the circumstances of the Americans living in the poverty area, so we can't assume to much. But Americans living in poverty didn't try as much. America's has given opportunity to anyone willing to grab hold. Free schooling that they force students into, technology, medical care, etc. Some of the people living there are taking advantage of the government in the little ways the government is providing. There shouldn't be an excuse why Americans are living in poverty, an immigrant; okay. The American government is providing opportunities for success. Third world countries citizens  living the way they do, it's not a choice they made but rather their government. 

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