Saturday, October 8, 2011

Money is everything, what!?

All you hear these days, is music isn't music anymore. Music now, is just about money, sex, and about being the prettiest girl wearing the latest fashion. Where has music gone? The media gives the people what they want, and it so happens that sex and being the "it" girl sells. Everyone is in for a profit, no matter if there in the music industry or working for McDonald. They see the rappers, and celebrities with everything they want, and quickly become envious or work hard to be where they're at, but you have the one thing they don't have. So why trade your life for theirs? Money is the primary goal for wanting to be in the spotlight but why would you want to be a celebrity unless you have the talent and the willingness to give up your privacy. As a celebrity, you'll be a role model, that's a huge burden. Every urban city male has dreams of being a rapper, for the money, power and respect, and girls. But let me ask you, when you get the money you so desire, what would you do with it, why do you want it? When you get the power and respect, what would you do with that? And when you finally get those girls, your attracting the wrong ones,How would you know if your relationships are real or not? Why do you even want the whole world to know who you are?

When picking a career, choose something that will greatly satisfy you. Don't worry about money, money isn't everything. Do something that will contribute to the world. Use your talent to help someone, make your voice heard. Be a voice to the voiceless. Before you choose to become a celebrity, think about it, are you ready to give up your privacy?

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