Thursday, October 13, 2011

"It's okay to be YOUnique"

What does it mean to be an American, European, Chinese, or Indian? A Catholic, Baptist, Muslim or Methodist? A Caucasian, African, Hispanic or Latin? There's so many grouping in the world. So many ways to belong. One God, thousands of people, and many different groups.
We all want to feel, as if we're part of a group. Different denominations, races, and groupings we belong to now. Why do we need to feel as part of a group? To feel a sense of belonging? Humankind isn't the only beings on earth to feel that security, that being part of a group, makes us feel. Animals, and insect also needs that type of identity. With groupings, there's always that odd one left out, but where he's left out, he belongs to another. Why are there so many denominations, when there is only one God? Church is church, and God is God. We can all agree that there is that one higher being, the one you can call to when you can't explain the what if and why's in the world. Whether one believes in God or not, science and religion goes hand in hand. The foundation of one religion began with the help of another religion, giving each religion valid points. Being part of a group, keeps you strong in your ways, rises one up, that's the point of being part of a group. We all look for someone who looks like us, worship like us, and have the same interest as us. Sounds like we're trying to find ourselves.

Just because you belong to one denomination, doesn't mean you can't go to another. You may be Catholic, but try out the Mosque. A Jew, what's wrong with Methodist. You may claim one thing, but that doesn't define you, belonging to a group doesn't guaranteed you'll fit in. The creator created you as you are, not two peas in a pod, no matter what denominations, or race you'll always be different. No matter what everyone's categorized you into, your far above the rest. When someone ask you what are you, tell them "I'm me, an alien." :-)

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