Thursday, October 6, 2011

Doorway to your Dream

                     What decision would you make?
 drop everything for the one you love or follow your heart to pursue your calling? Had a clear focus on what you want to do. You've dream't of this moment a thousands times, it's finally reachable, never thought of thinking twice. Now your standing in front of your love doubting. There's this passionate fuel burning within you, what shall I do? Weighing the options, both of these are once in a lifetime; it only comes once. Astrid Bjorklund knew she wanted to help, to use her medical training to serve God. She was also in love. A doorway to her dreams is open, she could go or she could stay. She chose to go, love may be once in a lifetime but if it were meant for her it would stay. Two people who are meant for each other, are like magnets, no matter where you go or how far, it would always snap back together.  

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