Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"Take me as I am"

When you keep things boil inside, you run the risk of getting sick. let it out, talk it through. Don't want cancer, hate getting sick, do you suffer from embarrassing breakouts? Well I found a sure preventive cure, well somewhat of a cure. I had acne,I gotten sick, and if I kept disliking myself, I probably would have gotten cancer. It's been proven that stress has a negative effect on the body, weakening it and contributing to illness. Trying to better myself, I found Louise Hay. She is a well known publisher, speaker and author on healing and the mind-body connection. "Through working with clients, she began to notice consistent correlations between the physical ailments that clients had, and the types of negative emotions they carried. For example, she found that people with cancer always had some sort of longstanding hurt or resentment from the past that needed to be release. Even minor ailments like the common cold, she associated with a perception of being overwhelmed in life - 'too much going on at once'.

"My life is all wrong, why God, are you letting this happen to me?" Hating yourself, because your not like everyone else, sacrificing yourself and putting yourself last, hiding who you really are, neglecting your self-nurture; not taking time to give back to yourself,  feeling you would never measure up, and criticizing yourself. Words are powerful, and constantly downing yourself, your weakening your body state. What we think of our self generally becomes the truth for us, this world is your world, always neglecting yourself and expect for your body to hold up. The body is like a child, give it the love, affection, and attention, that's the strength your body needs. Pick yourself up; soar, no one should be able to tell you otherwise, the only one that can, is the One above. Your the center of the universe, as you can see, there's only one you. As a child, you were beautiful, with not a care in the world. As you got older, the problems mounted up, you seen the rest of humankind. That forbidden tree of knowledge, God knew, he foreseen what could have happen. Like a loving father, the protection is great. The knowledge we have, is also the knowledge of God. Your taking the world's stress as your own. If you didn't have the knowledge that you have now, would you be stressing like you are now?


  1. it's good and it's honest

  2. Love GOD Almighty, WHO created you as lovely one; and gave you writing skill in addition to other basic needs of your life.
    Be thankful to HIM under all circumstances.

    AND, Love yourself thinking you are born out of a lovely relationship.
    As everything is lovely with you, so everybody loves you for sure.

    BTW: I am following your blog now---- Please follow my blog too--thanks a lot


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