Thursday, October 6, 2011

ladies Vs. Men


In society, there are lines drawn between man and a woman. History tells us a woman's place was at home, taking care of the kids, household and husband. A woman wasn't expected to hold a career, handle money or hold property. Same rules still applies now in the 21st century. In the 21st century, a woman can do anything a man can do. But they're still consider the inferior sex, a woman has to work ten times harder than a man. To be taken seriously, a woman has to put their game face to work. Not only would a woman have a career but they would also have kids to raise, a household to uphold, and a husband to care for. Black, white or Hispanic, a woman has one thing in common and that's just being a woman. A woman can be easily called a slut because it's easy to get with a man,"dicks are like free samples at the mall." While a man has to put in work to get a certain woman. No matter the woman, a woman has a price. Whether expensive, moderate or cheap. A woman's competition is not only themselves but the next woman beside them.

A man has a reputation to uphold, to keep up that "macho man" demeanor. A man can be the most sensitive but hides it under a tough front. A woman doesn't want a sensitive man, they want a tough, bad guy. When single, a man runs around with many different woman. Telling a woman what they want to hear,  getting what they want and leaving, hurting the woman in the process, even if the woman knew their place. When taken, a man still does the same but with a steady girlfriend. History takes us back, to where men had different wives. A man doesn't have things that can tie them down. As a father, a man just have to be a father to his kids. A man wants to be satisfied physically but a man also want to be stimulated mentally, and spiritually. A man may be on the prowl to sex every girl but they're also looking for that one special girl, that is different than the rest. They ask for sex, they want a woman to say no, you can wait. They want a woman that doesn't believe them when they're putting in work to just have sex. They don't want a woman to eager, they don't want a woman to clingy or a woman that has her body out for everyone to see.

Man or woman, we're all humans and we all have feelings. Before you judge someone on what they did, know the who, what, and why about them. Walk a mile in their shoes, and put yourself in their positions. Regardless, on what sex, each is trying to impress the other.


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