Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"A Rebel In your Thought ain't gon' make it halt"

Perhaps half of humanity is jailed among themselves. Listening to parents and grandparents about a certain race, judging a whole race based on the two or three you came across, stereotyping. Many people believe being Caucasian is the ideal race, that they have it the easiest. But do they really? Is racial prejudice really as bad as people make it out to be, or is it just a mental mind thing?

The typical blonde hair, blue eyed beauty, has half of humanity altering their appearance, to fit the standards already set. Five races, mix cultures, more than a thousand of people. How can one world have so many controversial issues? Blacks, Latinos, Caucasian, Chinese and Indians, more than half the world's population is mixed, so how can you particularly pick on a certain race? 
History teach us about slavery and discrimination. Whites and Blacks segregated, light skinned blacks and dark skinned blacks, separated. Chinese apparently didn't exist in America, they weren't welcome. Native Americans, darker than a Caucasian were tortured. Jews were murdered because they weren't the ideal race or so Hitler thought, and aren't Jews technically white in color. They say you learned history to learn from past mistakes, but have we really? Being the typical blonde hair, blue-eyed beauty technically isn't the ideal race, being affluent, and wealthy was. Being a lower white class, you were prejudice against also. How can something that's only one sixteenth of an inch deep cause so much hatred?

People put so much emphasis on prejudice, that it generally comes true for them.  People are stuck in their mind. "Your world is your world," and the world does revolves around you. When your being prejudiced against, it's because you felt as thought you were being prejudice against, therefore surrounding you with people that judges you.  


  1. hmm...its very hard to be in the eye of the judge...

  2. It is because you want to please them, but no matter what you do, your never good enough


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