Monday, October 3, 2011

What I like about you

Beautiful girls with long flowing hair, perfect skin, and wearing the latest fashions. Most of the girls I've seen all look the same. In society, just being a girl is a problem. As little girls the quest to be beautiful has bombarded one from every corner. As teenagers the media will have a significant impact. Because of the overwhelming pressure, young girls, teenagers and adults; beauty has and always will become an all consuming priority.

One might think what does a pre-adolescence have to worry about; an image.Girls spend to much time on the outer beauty that they forget about the inner beauty. Outer beauty is like the wrapping of a present; beautifully made. However, inner beauty is  the lasting impression, the one that stays with someone even when your long gone. Parents, boyfriends and those close to you should be the ones who make a girl feel loved and wanted, to tell a girl she's beautiful even when she feels as if she's the ugliest. Their are parents who put to much pressure on their kids. Mothers who want their daughters to be skinnier, smarter or like a daughter of a colleague who during extremely well in school. The media has set the standards for girls all around. The models that grace the covers of Vogue and prance around in videos will have any ordinary girl telling themselves, "When I look at models in magazines and on TV, I don't feel like I measure up" Or "Why am I here on this earth?"

Each girl has something that they would change, whether it's their body, or just to be prettier. A girl with low self-esteem isn't that hard to find. Every girl at least once has needed a picker-upper on confidence. Some not gaining their confidence but faking it instead. When it comes to attracting the male population, trying to look like the next girl or better is a trend that's growing faster than the what's hot in a fashion magazine. Everyone judges one another except one. A girl with acne, a teen-aged boy wearing baggy jeans, or a group of black boys hanging on the corner of Fifth Street. What is one thoughts when they see a girl with acne without makeup, or a teen-aged boy wearing baggy jeans? Outer appearance should be worked on but not obsessed over. That is where makeup comes in; makeup should bring out your natural beauty, work on it and walk away. Girls are unique, and special in their own way. There's no two of the same, but one of a kind. Skin colors are different, hair type and texture, eyes and mouth, how you were made is how you're going to be. Instead of saying, "I wish I were her, how about I'm glad I'm me."


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